Fancy Portfolio – jQuery plugin

Fancy Portfolio – jQuery plugin

Fancy Portfolio is a jQuery plugin that lets you create a stylish portfolio in seconds. It´s highly customizable and very easy to use. You can add umlimited of work holders with unlimited of work shots. You can describe and link your work.


  • thumbWidth – The width of each thumbnail
  • thumbHeight – The height of each thumbnail
  • fillColor – The color of the stroke
  • borderThickness – The thickness of the border around the work shots
  • columns – The number of columns
  • columnOffset – The offset between the columns
  • rowOffset – The offset between the rows
  • detailsOpacity – The opacity of the details background
  • slideTime – The time in ms for the work shot slides
  • fadeInTime – The time in ms for the first image fade in, when the corresponding image stack has been loaded
  • urlTarget – The target window for the link(e.g. ‘_blank’, ‘_self’)



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