Support Rules


Support is a very important point for me, but there are some rules you need to follow and what’s included in the free support! Please read these rules carefully before creating a new ticket!


  1. I am giving support via an own ticket system. If you have a problem with one of my items, I always need to see it online by myself. Please explain the problem shortly and provide an URL where I can see the problem. If you have a problem in the wordpress admin, I need your wp login as well. NO ONLINE EXAMPLE = NO SUPPORT CAN BE GIVEN!!!!
  2. Customizations are not free and are not included in the free support. It’s very annoying to get a bad rating when customers think I am going to set up custom item for their needs for free. The Purchase of an item does entitle the buyer to any extra work. When you are not sure if a feature is included, please ask me before you purchase.
  3. I take feature requests very seriously and believe they are positive inputs which help me to improve my products. I write feature requests on my to-do list, if I think that this feature is requested by the community. If you have an individual feature request, that could only be used for your business, please understand that I cannot include it.
  4. All items coming with documentation, that can be found online. Before creating a ticket, PLEASE take time to read the documentation and try to find the solution there first. Many questions can be answered with careful reading of the documentation.
  5. I will only support my products. I will not fix issues of other plugins or themes. If there is a problem with another product you have to contact the author of the product. It is not possible for me to assist you with other company’s products.
  6. If you change the item’s code, please understand that I can not give support when you ran into an issue, that’s caused by the code changes.