Discount for Likes Documentation

1. Installation

First of all upload the ‘discount-for-likes’ folder/zip the to your wordpress plugin directory and activate it in your Plugins page. If you do not know how do that – just google it. There are a many tutorials that explain how you do that.

2. Settings

The settings can be found in the “General” settings of woocommerce. Just scroll down and there is an own “Discount for Likes” section. Here you can enable the Like button and set a custom information next to the price.

2.1. Create a Facebook APP – since V1.0.3

You have to create a Facebook App since V1.0.3 in order to get a Facebook App ID and Secret. There are plenty of tutorials in the web how to get these values, here is one video tutorial. Enter the Facebook App ID and Secret in the General Settings of WooCommerce.


3. Configurate “Discount for Likes” for a product

Go to a “Edit Product” administration and in the Product Data panel you need to enable it first. After that a new tab is coming up, where you can set the required likes and the resultant discount.


1.0.3 – 1.9.2016

  • You have to enter a Facebook App ID and Secret


1.0.2 – 8.8.2014

  • The currency position from the settings will be used now


1.0.1 – 4.7.2014

  • Transients are now used to store the likes count for every product, this will improve the perfomance of the website, because the likes count do not need to be loaded after every page update
  • Set transient expiration time in the option settings. In other words, the time in seconds when the likes count of a product should be loaded again from facebook
  • Bug fixed: The correct price with the discount were not displayed in the cart