I never had an official website for radykal. Before I only had a website for demonstrating my wordpress plugins. I thought its time to change that, because I am also interested in writing some tutorials about wordpress and woocommerce. Further more I want to publish information and news about future plans to my products. This became a very important point for me since I released Fancy Product Designer for WooCommerce. Customers are asking me about product updates and whats coming next.

So….What’s next?

First of all my schedule is very full. In the last couple days I got a lot enquiries to customizations according Fancy Product Designer. At this point I want to say “Sorry” again to my customers, that I am not able to help you with that. I am very busy with updates, but I will look for a partner to collaborate with and who could help with these enquiries. I hope I gonna find someone reliable, hard times to find a talented coder.

Soooo…..yes……Fancy Product Designer. I know most of you are waiting for the update. In the last days a lot of you get an answer like “Is on my todo list”. And I can tell you, that my todo list is really full for Fancy Product Designer. The next update will be a big one. So prepace for it!!!

Short overview what’s coming in the new version of Fancy Product Designer

  • New layouts
  • Trying to make it responsive
  • Clipping elements, in other words you are able to mask elements
  • Zoom-In-Out product stage
  • Instagram Support
  • Product Categories
  • Image Filters
  • Improved UI
  • and more…


For the WooCommerce version I am trying to implement these features

  • Show designed product as thumbnail in the cart
  • Set individual settings for different product designers
  • WPML-ready
  • Try to improve export methods
  • New parameter fields for elements
  • Improved “Fancy Designs” administration. At the moment it does not work well when having a big amount of designs


I hope I can offer the update for the jQuery and WooCommerce version in June 2014. First of all I will also make a new website with an improved documentation.