First of all upload the zip that you downloaded from codecanyon via the wp administration or unzip it and upload the unzipped folder via a FTP tool. After that activate the plugin.


Create your FAQs

In the Superior FAQ menu just click on “Add New”. In the next page you can write the “Question” in the title and the “answer” in the description fields. On the right side you have to assign the FAQ to a category. All FAQs need to be assigned to a category, otherwise they will not be listed. You can also set a custom parent page at the right side. Use this option if the parent page should be different than used in the settings.

If you are using the plugin for the first time, you may need to go to Settings>Permalinks and hit “Save Changes” to see the FAQ in the frontend.



In the settings you are able to change some labels and to set the general parent page that should be used for all FAQs. The URL of the parent page will be used for the “Back to FAQs” link in a single FAQ page.
You can also set the template that should be used as template for the FAQ pages.